Choosing the Best Synthetic Turf: What to Consider

There are different types of synthetic turf, each with its own inherent benefits that make it suitable for specific applications. Synthetic turfs are very popular in Australia and beyond owing to low maintenance costs and how beautiful a cover they offer for homes and commercial facilities.

Choosing the right synthetic grass will ensure that you get your money’s worth, having invested in a turf that is indistinguishable from the real thing, but packaged with additional benefits. Some of the factors to consider are as highlighted

Grass color

Owing to ingenious technology, synthetic grass is now available in many different shades of green. Considering the surroundings in your garden, and your particular preferences, you can choose from this vast range of colors for the particular shade that blends in and looks most natural in your lawn.

Size of the area that needs covering

This factor is particularly important as it has a bearing on the maintenance costs. Choosing low maintenance synthetic grass is prudent for a large size area especially where you may not have the funds for hiring regular maintenance services from a landscaping company.

Product quality

When choosing synthetic grass for your home or business, collect samples from different suppliers in order to compare the quality. Color consistency, even backing, turf texture and yarn density are among some of the pointers to consider when comparing the quality of artificial grass from different suppliers.

Climatic conditions

It makes little sense to install a warm species artificial turf in an area that’s prone to cool climate. All artificial turf products supplied by Perth Artificial Grass are particularly suited for the Australian climate. In addition, weather conditions come into play when considering maintenance requirements and by extension, maintenance costs. Weather conditions may contribute to the falling of debris and vegetative matter onto the grass. For such an area, it is prudent to choose a product that requires little cleaning and maintenance to maintain the aesthetics.

Grass softness

For persons with kids and pets, comfort is primary and very soft synthetic grass types are most ideal for installation in the backyard where the kids and pets frequently play. Homeowners with no kids or pets can comfortably use harder turfs especially if they seldom use the lawn.

Amount of expected traffic exposure

Where you expect high traffic, it is best to choose synthetic grass that is durable in order to avoid regular replacement. This is because, subjecting a low-traffic product to stresses from high traffic will cause wearing out and damage.

Product warranty

Quality artificial grass, after installation by an experienced and professional team, should last up to 20-25 years. When choosing a supplier, consider one with great warranty terms. At Metro Synet, they offer a 12-month installation warranty and 7 year warranty for all products.

Quality always over triumphs cost when it comes to choice of synthetic grass. You want a turf that suits its intended application and still remains aesthetically through different seasons. This may inevitably lead to a higher per meter cost since quality does not come cheap, but the longevity of the grass would justify the initial investment.