The Hazard of Soil Pollution

Air pollution is actually getting almost all of the attention but soil pollution is another serious problem. Even though many people are not informed regarding soil pollution, it’s something that we must be concerned about. As soil pollution is in the ground, it’s not that simple to detect. Soil could be tested for toxins and to what level are the pollutants present.

When water is tainted, its run off could cause pollution of the soil. Because of this, plants become less productive and don’t grow well. Most of the foods we actually eat have been affected by pollution in the soil and are usually not very nutritious to eat. With the lack of healthy plants to take out the carbon monoxide from the air, the quality of our air will continue to become worse. Virtually all soil pollution has come about because of the negligence or oversight of humans. Chemicals in storage tanks are put underground, and they quite often leak, making it possible for the chemicals to flow through the soil. Sometimes, anything able to grow is damaged, and not a thing is grown there for a long time.

Landfills is yet another example of how pollutants seep into the soil. Previously waste from companies and individuals was dumped in landfills, that did very little to protect the land. The water would collect the harsh chemicals from the surface and soak into the earth. The chemicals disperse by falling into underground rivers that transport the chemicals to various places. At least landfills are today doing lots of things to safeguard the soil from the more deadly chemicals, like putting them in separate areas that have been lined with protective substances.

The use of inorganic pesticides and the effects on soil and wildlife have been well documented. There are numerous organizations that are seeking to convince the government to take actions to safeguard the soil. Through more stringent laws on certain pesticides and the increase in organic farming, there’s hope that soil pollution will improve. Companies are making changes too including using biodegradable resources. The country with most major problem is America. This has come about with the high level of growth, in addition to a practically complete disregard for the environment.
A lot of people are starting to be aware of soil pollution and are making efforts to rid of it. There are lots of programs being implemented in the country to attempt to make the problem better by reducing soil pollution. It’s wonderful that most people are now into organic gardening, and being more mindful about their health. When you find a property that suits you, make sure to test the soil.